Healthy products - without allergens
We are a family-run company specialising in the production of functional allergen-free products under the Smakuli brand.

We started baking gluten-free and lactose-free cookies for our children and since 2016 we have been proud to be the first certified gluten-free cookie manufacturer in Ukraine.

Our dream and goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy food.
Our Production
Our products
While we keep the tradition of baking according to our family recipes, we never stop looking for new flavours. After many attempts and hundreds of consultations with technologists and nutritionists, we have developed the perfect recipes for cookies and snacks.
We use authentic Ukrainian ingredients in the production of our products, without unwanted ingredients such as trans fats, palm oil and preservatives, and always gluten-free.

Gluten and lactose free
Handmade biscuits in colouring packs, gluten-free and lactose-free
Gluten and lactose free
Biscuits with chicory inulin, a prebiotic to aid digestion
Gluten and lactose free
Space Drops
Functional snack of freeze-dried berry and yoghurt smoothie with prebiotic
Gluten and lactose free
Slim Snack
A snack biscuit made from authentic Ukrainian ingredients to accompany dishes instead of bread

Smakuli Cookies
Handmade biscuits in colourful packaging
These are handmade sweet treats created especially for children, but loved by all. This line of biscuits is enriched with nutritious ingredients such as candied pineapple, raisins, nuts, but also comes in flavours such as vanilla and chocolate. When we created this line of biscuits, we came up with a fairy tale that helps children learn about gluten and why some people cannot eat regular biscuits, and fosters understanding and tolerance for those with dietary restrictions. Therefore, this line is not just about sweet biscuits, it is about raising a generation with tolerance, enjoying every bite of biscuit.

Slim Snack
Cookie-snack made from authentic Ukrainian ingredients
Slim Snack designed as a nutritious alternative to bread, it is the perfect companion to salads, soups and is created for those looking for healthier food alternatives.
Each Slim Snack flavour has been created in collaboration with nutrition experts and serves a unique nutritional purpose thanks to its natural ingredients. From a buckwheat base enriched with cumin and coriander to improve digestion and immunity, or a magnesium-rich corn and poppy seed blend to help relieve stress, to omega-3-rich hemp to support brain function and improve mood

Prebiotic Cookies
Cookies with prebiotic
Trying to keep up with global trends, we noticed that consumers are increasingly demanding functional foods that help them to feel healthy. Inspired by this discovery, we created a cookie enriched with the prebiotic chicory inulin to improve digestion, increase energy and strengthen the immune system.
The essence of these cookies lies in the power of prebiotics. They nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping the digestive process, thus strengthening the immune system and improving nutrient absorption.

Space Drops
Functional snack with prebiotic
Our innovative line of nutritious snacks is a harmonious combination of taste and health. Space Drops are developed using freeze-dried berry and yoghurt smoothie technology with the addition of a prebiotic, chicory inulin.
The inspiration for this product line came from the awareness of the approaching era of space tourism, and to meet the nutritional needs of those who venture into the unknown spaces of space and those who live on earth in the harsh everyday life, we created such flavours as strawberry, raspberry, black currant, and complemented this line with freeze-dried ice cream.

Our superpowers
Our products do not contain such allergens as gluten/wheat, soy, sesame, peanuts, shellfish, sulphites
With benefits
We enrich our biscuits with nutritious healthy ingredients such as prebiotics, natural fruits and spices
No unwanted ingredients
We do not use synthetic flavour enhancers, trans fats, hydrogenated fats, palm oil or preservatives
Own developments by a family-run company
We have been keeping the baking tradition alive for 15 years. Our in-house research and development allows us to develop a wide range of functional products without allergens and preservatives
Certified production
Our production facilities are certified by the international standard FSSC 22000 and AOECS, where only gluten-free products are produced
Social responsibility
We are a socially responsible company - 10% of our profits go to charity
We help distributors to increase the number of their health-conscious and allergy-conscious customers by providing a wide range of certified products that are free of allergens and preservatives.
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Address: 81550 Shevchenko str. 1, Kernytsia village, Horodok district, Lviv region, Ukraine